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Dylan Fairchild: Georgia offer to 4-star OL was like ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’

Dylan Fairchild: Georgia offer to 4-star OL was like ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’

Dylan Fairchild: Georgia offer to 4-star OL was like ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’

Dylan Fairchild: Georgia offer to 4-star OL was like ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That's what the Intel brings. This entry gets onthe mat with Class 7A state heavyweight wrestling champion Dylan Fairchild. He picked up a big UGA offer earlier this year.

Dylan Fairchild now has over 20 offers, but he's still getting used to this recruiting stuff.

"I really didn't get recruited big-time or pretty much at all my freshman or sophomore years," he said. "So this is really all kind of new to me for my junior year."

South Carolina was his first "big" offer from the Southeastern Conference. That one was extended his way prior to his junior season. It was one of the very best days of his life so far. He all but jumped out of his size-15 shoes.

LSU and Georgia offered in early March. He believes the Bulldogs were his 20th offer at that time.

The 247Sports Composite ratings have him as the nation's No. 20 offensive guard and the No. 343 overall prospect for 2020. The pure 247 rating has him as the nation's No. 12 guard and the No. 188 overall prospect. It seems more in line with the type of player he can at the next level.

Those traits reflect his worth, but maybe not as much as these next two bullet points:

  • Georgia line coach Matt Luke evaluates Fairchild as a versatile do it all lineman. "But the plan would be to start me out at tackle there," Fairchild said. "Coach Luke sees me as a tackle."
  • Fairchild also won the Georgia High School Association's Class 7A heavyweight wrestling title earlier this year. He logged a 46-0 record with 46 pitfalls. He actually pinned an opponent in just four seconds. That came deep in the championship bracket.

His football DNA shows what he can do even more precisely below.

What does he love best about playing the game of football?

"I'll be honest here," he says. "It is just trying to get to pummel and hurt someone over and over all night long. Just ruin somebody else's night and not having any consequences. I mean really coming from a wrestling background and wrestling and football background it is just who I am."

"I quit baseball last year because it was too non-contact and too boring. I threw track last year and I told my coaches it was too boring. I have to have contact. That's my favorite sign about football and wrestling is you get to compete with someone and just try to dominate them all night last. That's just the best feeling for me. Dominating someone is just really it."

Georgia offered earlier this month. That places the Bulldogs squarely into the mix of his top schools for his eventual college decision.

"We were blown away," Fairchild said of the Georgia offer. "It was like drinking from a fire hydrant with all of their academic support and everything. We were kind of just blown away."


Dylan Fairchild: Georgia offer to 4-star OL was like ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’

Dylan Fairchild: The early things to know here

Fairchild is fun to be around. He is a strong communicator and tells the story of how his father was introduced to a baby named "Dylan Cooper" at the hospital when he was born and plugged those first two names into his own birth certificate.

He will mimic the growling snarl of the West Forsyth school mascot on cue at a photographer's request and will actually be quite good at it. Not to mention completely accommodating.


Dylan Fairchild: Georgia offer to 4-star OL was like ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’

That's probably why he can say that he wears the No. 51 jersey for his Wolverines and actually make it seem not so corny that Del Monte wouldn't can it.

"Five linemen and one heartbeat," he said. "At my school, I try to be an offensive line leader and try to lead our team. It all starts at the line of scrimmage so if you've got all five of those guys all with one heartbeat and all on the same level then everything else behind you is going to fall into place and it is going to work out."

When the interview concludes, he will say that he loves to fish. He is actually headed out to catch a fish. When he throws his line in the water, he will even snag a fish, too.

He brings up his blessings often. He has the ability to play two sports at a very elite level for a high school athlete. How much does his faith matter to him?

"For me personally it is living in God's glory," Fairchild said. "I'll always remember this verse Whether you are eating or drinking you always live in God's glory. Do things for the glory of God' and I mean God blessed me with this body. Like you said, you're just born that way."

"I've just been blessed and it would be a shame for me to throw that away."

He wakes up somedays "turned up" and ready to go. But he has other days where he doesn't crackle with energy.

"The days that I am struggling or days that I am tired it is just those moments where I remember what I am doing all for," he said. "It is just living in that glory and achieving that goal I have wanted to achieve since I was a little kid."

Coach speak: West Forsyth's David Svehla on Dylan Fairchild

David Svehla has only been the coach at West Forsyth for about five weeks. That was still enough time for him to notice a lot of positive character traits about Fairchild in his program.

"I haven't known him for a number of years like a lot of people here," Svehla said. "I don't have any preconceived notions. I'm seeing him a lot for the first time now. The thing that stands out to me is he is a good leader."

"The kids like him and they follow him. Part of that is he is really good. Part of that is because he seems to me to be all in. He's bought in when he's in the weight room. He's bought in when's running. He's bought in during our meetings. He's been a really good influence on our younger players."

"Everyone is attracted to that really good player. But sometimes that really good kid isn't a good leader. Sometimes that really good kid isn't a guy you want to follow. Sometimes the really good kid just keeps to himself. He doesn't possess those kinds of characteristics. That is just not Dylan at all."

Svehla has noticed Fairchild run. He's seen him fly around those agility ladders. He feels he would be a great defensive lineman, too.

"He has outstanding feet," Svehla said.

But the thing that has really impressed him has been the way Fairchild carries himself both on and off the field. He feels he is a guard at the college level and that he will very good one at that.

"He's just naturally aggressive," Svehla said. "I'm of the opinion that you can teach everyone to pass block but you can't teach everyone to be great at run blocking. You have to have the physicality and have to be naturally aggressive. Dylan has that."

You asked for it. We heard you. Our weekly live DawgNation "Before the Hedges" recruiting show is now up on Apple podcasts. Check it out.

The moving parts of the college decision for Dylan Fairchild

What is he looking for in a college fit? It won't be a wrestling program. He knows he will be a football player at the next level.

He shared a few core criteria:

  • "My relationship with my coach, well definitely all of the coaches, is definitely going to be big in enrolling and where I go to school."
  • "The environment and the players."
  • "Really just communication and relationship are my two biggest things. By the time I would graduate [in high school] I would have had three separate position coaches and two separate head coaches so just developing that relationship and stability and knowing that I am going to a solid place is really going to be a big thing for me."
  • "My whole family is all Dawgs fans. Well, actually split between Georgia and Georgia Tech."
  • "My perspective before the [Georgia] offer was that's just the top of the line, you know? That's D-1. When you say D-1 playing high school football in Georgia, that's the University of Georgia. It was a big fish in a little pond but as I got more comfortable with [Georgia line coach Matt Luke] and as we build our relationship that they have offered. It seems more of like a comforting feeling. I can go there and I live in the state so it is a pretty easy drive for me. I can go down there and just talk to him and just really develop that relationship instead of I mean as a kid you're like Ooh Georgia' but when you're in it and you've got the offer there's nothing really else to earn it is just really building that relationship and trying to communicate with them."

He has no timeline for his college decision. South Carolina was that first big offer and that program has done an excellent job of recruiting him.

Auburn continues to recruit him effectively. First-year line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. has made him a priority.

"Coach Bicknell at Auburn told me he's like I'm not going to tell you you're the greatest player or you're the greatest thing since sliced bread but I think that, for me, he said that he's got one guy every single year that he recruits that he's just got that right connection with and he told me that I'm that guy for him this year."

The unique way Matt Luke offered Dylan Fairchild

The way Fairchild was offered here says two things: 1) How much Georgia valued him as a potential member of the 2021 class: 2) The way new line coach Matt Luke does things on the recruiting trail.

When he visited Georgia earlier this month, he got to experience some good face time with Kirby Smart first.

"The first thing we did was talk to coach Smart," Fairchild said. "He said this is Georgia and we get the top of the line and we get to pick who and what we want. He was just kind of building the suspense."

But he didn't get the offer. Luke had told Smart he wanted to do that. In-person.

When Fairchild and Luke were riding around campus on an unofficial visit, the offer came in the back SUV.

"Coach Luke brought me into the car," Fairchild said. "He just looked at me and told me I wanted to do this face to face' and I'm the kind of guy who will do this face to face. I'm not the kind of guy who will send you a text and offer you. I wanted you here. I wanted you to see me and get a face with the name' is what he said."

He won't soon forget it.

"That was a good moment," Fairchild said. "He and I really connected in that moment."

Luke told Fairchild that he likes big and strong and athletic guys for his line.

"That's not the only thing he looks at," Fairchild said. "He likes to see athleticism and versatility and just a well-rounded football player. The main thing he pointed out to me is that I am very athletic and versatile. He told me he sees me at tackle, but I can play tackle. I can play guard. I can play center. I think that's really one of the main reasons they decided to offer because I can come in there and plug any position."

Luke even shared with him why he was an offer for his offensive line room at UGA. Fairchild did not get a scholarship offer from former line coach Sam Pittman.

"Everybody wants to get a Georgia offer," Fairchild said. "Everyone who lives in Georgia and plays football wants to play football for Georgia. But I think that's really the main thing. I think that's what coach Luke wanted to express. He said this is a different time' and things have changed' and like I said things change' and that thing has changed. I think that's one of the things that he really wanted to express to me."


Dylan Fairchild: Georgia offer to 4-star OL was like ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’

Georgia football recruiting on DawgNation

The post Dylan Fairchild: Georgia offer to 4-star OL was like drinking from a fire hydrant' appeared first on DawgNation.

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  • Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That's what the Intel brings. This entry is about all things CJ Washington in the 2022recruiting cycle. He's certainly a name to keep tabs on. CJ Washington plays for Cedartown High School in Northwest Georgia. He wears No. 27 for those Bulldogs. Yes, that No. 27 for Cedartown. If that doesn't bring to mind enough of a parallel, let's make that a direct link. Washington will work out frequently with Nick Chubb, including two times today. He collected 20-plus sacks during his sophomore year for Cedartown. Made a few All-State teams. The 6-foot-2, 218-pound Washington is electric off the edge and is the definition of a physical football player. His lifts are what somebody who works out with Nick Chubb better be able to do. Washington bench presses 340 pounds, does some rep maxes with 295 for power cleans and is already squatting 515-plus pounds. His power clean max is at 330 pounds. ( NEWS FLASH: This is a high school sophomore.) When recruiting analysts size him up, it is a fitting comparison to liken him to former No. 1 overall recruit Nolan Smith. He's got that kind of explosion coming off the edge. TBT Tuesday (Rockmart v Cedartown) 4 '22 Cedartown DE CJ Washington @cedric_washing4 pic.twitter.com/fO7kbcZCrW NwGa Football (@NwGaFootball) December 10, 2019 Chubb? Smith? Those are some big names to think about there. There's another one that comes to mind for me. That one would be Fred G. Sanford from the cult classic 'Sanford and Son' television show from back in the day. Why? Because that's the visual for me with Washington. 'That's my dream school,' he said about UGA back in December of 2019. 'Every time I go there it is like wow' and whoa' and they make me feel so welcome. They are just cool people you just try to be around. It just feels comfortable.' When DawgNation asked what it would be like if the Bulldogs ever offered him, it was like he busted out his best Redd Foxx impression. 'I don't know about that one,' Washington said. 'I don't even know how to explain that. I just know I will be very thankful for that offer.' His response there came when he just held offers from Albany State, Coastal Carolina and Nebraska. But he managed not to mention 'Elisabeth' or coming to join anyone. But the young fella did look like he was having palpations. He put one hand to the side of his face and started smiling. That picture even included a long exhale and taking a few deep breaths. The first time he visited Georgia he admits he was nervous. It was before he was ever offered by UGA, but the staff kept talking to him. 'I started opening up and then I just caught that bond with them,' Washington said. 'That was really coach Dell McGee. The running back coach.' He rates as a 4-star ATH and the nation's No. 88 overall recruit for 2020 on the 247Sports Composite ratings. Washington even landed that long-sought offer from Georgia late last year. So blessed to receive an offer from UGA!! #GoDawgs @Mansell247 @KirbySmartUGA @jeffsentell @DellMcGee @CoachSchuUGA pic.twitter.com/HR3Iq0rQJH Cedric Washington (@cedric_washing4) December 23, 2019 What was that late? 'Really breathtaking,' he said. 'I was like shocked. I really never knew that I could get a Georgia offer. But I was telling myself that even if I got a Georgia offer that wasn't going to stop me one bit from working and grinding and working to what I am trying to become.' 'So really I am thankful to have all my offers. But to me, once I get focused more on colleges I'll start really looking to see where I'm going to really go.' Did you know the weekly DawgNation.com 'Before the Hedges' program is now available as an Apple podcast? Click to check it out and download. Offered by UGA: What has that been like for CJ Washington? His last UGA visit came back back in late February. When he made that trip, he did so with an offer. That was a first. So was getting the chance to put on the red and black jersey for the first time. 'They basically have got what I need,' he said of UGA. 'That's what I am basically saying.' He's no longer two cycles away while the 2020 recruiting period is going on. He felt more 'love'on that last visit. 'They are cool and funny up there at Georgia,' Washington said. 'Those coaches are cool.' He had to cook hamburgers as part of a kitchen challenge. That did not go well. But he was able to learn how the Bulldogs view his skill set at this time. 'They were telling me how they look at me as not even a one-spot player,' he said. 'They see me playing all around for them.' 'They see I can do middle, outside linebacker and possibly play running back. They were also talking about the school and once they got into the school stuff I really started listening.' 'The way they were describing it is everyone learns differently. Basically. They were telling us that all players learn differently. Once you get there and open up to Georgia, you go to the academic counselors and you tell them how you learn things and study. Then they help identify the way you learn and show you the way you learn and the best way they are going to be able to help you from an academic support standpoint.' Georgia showed Washington how the program can make him a better student on that visit, too. It was encouraging. Washington has been taking his early college visits looking for spots that will support him academically during the football season. That's when his time is divided. He has been an 'As and Bs' student so far as a sophomore.Washington intends to keep it that way. 'When I go to other places, the schools weren't talking about that,' he said. 'If I went to Georgia with the way I told them the way that I learn things, I think that is a better environment on me. It will help me get my work done in the most efficient and best manner possible. It will show me how I can do more from an academic standpoint as a college student at Georgia.' The Georgia staff also brought up the word 'entitlement' with him. The coaches say they are seeing more and more guys enter the college level thinking they are owed something. That's never been what Washington is all about.He's a worker. He's got a coach that he treasures who stays on him. 'He always tells me Head down. Don't talk. Just grind.'' Washington is working out multiple times per day right now during the COVID-19 health concerns. That's just his mindset. 'I just play football because I love it,' he said. 'I play it for my brothers. I'm not focused on what I need to get or what I have to get or focused on any one position. I just want to play and help out my team. Anywhere the team needs me, that's where I will play.' He does feel that way about Georgia right now. 'To make it simple, Georgia is basically my second home,' he said. 'My first home is Cedartown High School. Georgia feels like home. That's where I have been mostly. So of course, it is going to feel like home. So I am going to feel like I am going to feel like I fit in more right now.' Coach speak: An honest assessment about Washington Chris Hirschfield is the offensive coordinator at Walton High School. He's been able to coach elite talents like Dominick Blaylock, Kerryon Johnson and Jordan Matthews along his varsity career up to this point. Those are just the names most of DawgNation will know. Hirschfield has coached at programs in Alabama and Georgia that have continually sent players to the SEC. He served as the coach on Washington's team at the 'Georgia Elite Classic' All-Star event last December. He had the chance to work with Washington for a few days. A fella who has seen two current NFL starters every day as a high school coach surely won't impress easily. Washington played at H-Back, defensive end and outside linebacker for the winning team in that showcase. 'When we had him out wide at d-end, we stood him up and put him an extra yard out wide basically as an outside backer,' Hirschfield said. 'Basically nobody could block him coming off a speed rush.' His roster didn't have any H-Back or fullback types on the other side of the ball. 'He obviously fit the part there, too,' he said. 'We taught him four plays literally. Power. Counter. Literally four or five plays in practice. I've never seen anybody collision and hit the way that kid does. His explosiveness might be the best I have ever seen.' 'Absolutely explosive. Full speed and does not shy away from contact and he's so powerful. He doesn't just hit. He drives people backwards.' Check out a few clips of Cedartown sophomore OLB CJ Washington in action tonight at the @GAEliteClassic at McEachern. @cedric_washing4 played on both sides of the ball in a night fit for a Gore-Tex photo shoot. pic.twitter.com/HXtNKu1l0i Jeff Sentell (@jeffsentell) December 23, 2019 They gave him maybe four or five reps in practice at those positions. Those reps had to come after the defensive period.Washington had it from that point on. Hirschfield even handed him the ball a few times in the game, too. 'He's special,' he said. 'I didn't even teach him the name of all the plays I would just tell him Right Strong' or Left Strong' as far as his alignment and I gave him three words. Counter. Down call which is our power. He'd kick out the play-side defensive end. Or Insert. He then knew to insert there and get that middle backer. He was really really good at it.' That was his part-time job. His main duty was flying off the edge. 'He couldn't be blocked,' Hirschfield said. 'He's special. Absolutely special.' That goes for on and off the field. 'Great kid, too,' he said. 'I talked to him outside of practice and the game. Polite. Spoke to him at the bowling alley event. Extremely humble. Very well-spoken young man. Very gracious. Just a very very nice kid.' Matthews was a receiver. So was Blaylock. Johnson was one of the best running backs in college football at Auburn back in 2017. Those are all different types of players. 'Those were all offensive playmakers and we are talking about a defensive playmaker here,' Hirschfield said. 'But he's just so versatile. So much athleticism. He's got wide shoulders. His frame. He's long. He is going to carry weight and he has no fat on him.' 'He's definitely going to be a defensive player in college.' Washington showed physicality as an H-Back at that event. It was enough to convince Hirschfield that he could be an inside linebacker in college, too. 'The way he closes space down as a blocker I see that and think about a middle linebacker and filling a gap so quickly the other way around,' he said. 'I do think he can be that type of impact player there, too.' It makes sense. Especially as an ILB in a 3-4 front. Washington could be pretty impressive at either LB spot at that next level. That Nick Chubb connection with CJ Washington Washington has worked out with Chubb dozens of times now. 'It is really no big deal,' Washington said. 'He's just a regular person.' That's kind of how he comes across. Washington was immune to the fact he's lifting with an NFL Pro Bowler. But it hasn't even sunk in that he works out every day with a world class athlete like Chubb. Chubb is one of the few humans on this earth that can run a 4.5 laser 40, power clean 400 pounds and squat well over 550 pounds, too. That's just his off-season workout buddy. He tried on Chubb's No. 27 jersey at UGA. He knows if he wears that number, he will have to work. 'I want that push,' Washington said. 'I want to push myself to try to find a way to be even better than him. That's a lot. That's a whole lot, but that's the way I work.' Chubb does not tell Washington he is strong for his age. Or any age. Or as strong as he was when he was a sophomore in high school.The Georgia all-time great won't give him that. 'He will pick on me,' Washington said. It should surprise no one that Chubb doesn't bring up Georgia with Washington. They just lift and work. Those two now work out every day of the week except for the weekends after the season. They are also joined by a few other current and former Cedartown Bulldogs, including 2020 Clemson RB signee Kobe Pryor. 'Things happen but no matter how hard it gets. You have to push through it'330 @Mansell247 @ChadSimmons_ pic.twitter.com/NXan6h3ATA Cedric Washington (@cedric_washing4) August 1, 2019 I don't complain no more, Gotta suck it up and get right to work!! Coach told me 'what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger'.That's 500 . I'm not done get pic.twitter.com/q2f0DszWzg Cedric Washington (@cedric_washing4) July 31, 2019 Check out the 2019 highlight reel here. There are a lot of memorable moments. CJ Washington: The next steps in his recruiting journey Washington sounds like Chubb in a lot of ways. There are clear connections here to Georgia, but feels like he now needs to see other schools. Florida is an option. 'I'll be honest with you,' he said. 'I've been having my eye on Georgia. Honestly. The way things look I am still going to be open minded. Just to see how other colleges are. I've been thinking about making my decision the summer of my junior year. The junior summer. If I decide to so somewhere sooner, then I guess it is going to be then but I am really waiting until my junior summer.' To be clear, that will most likely be the summer prior to his senior year. It will allow more schools to see him play multiple positions. It will also allow him to see more schools. 'Georgia is my dream school and they are showing me love,' he said. 'That's great and all. But I think my recruiting is getting to the point where I open up to new places. Georgia is not getting old to me. But Florida came in. Now I want to at least see how Florida is and those other colleges. I want to see how other colleges are now.' He's been researching Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Ole Miss, Ohio State, Virginia Tech and West Virginia online on his own. Washington will look at their academics and the campus layout. He will kick the tires on potential college majors. Dan Lanning and Glenn Schumann now talk to him about both linebacker spots at Georgia. They now recruit him, along with McGee. What is Washington looking for in a future school? 'Brotherhood.' 'Relentless work. A school that is always working hard every day no matter what.' 'Everybody holding each other accountable of pushing each other to do more than they ever thought they could do.' He's used this COVID-19 break to become a master at mowing his Grandmother's lawn. 'Getting really good at my lawn mowing game,' he said. 'Getting really good on that grass.' It has also led him to help his mother out in the kitchen. He's been busy at that the last few days. 'I can go crazy on meatloaf,' he said. Washington is certainly a name to pay attention to in the 2022 class. The post CJ Washington: The 2022 prospect who brings to mind Nick Chubb, Nolan Smith and Fred G. Sanford appeared first on DawgNation.
  • Georgia football did a good job of recruiting 5-star running back TreVeyon Henderson and 4-star running back Evan Pryor. Both had made trips to Athens and both highly touted prospects made plans to return at some point. But those plans got upended following the suspension of in-person recruiting due to COVID-19. And while both liked what Georgia had to offer, Henderson and Pryor decided that Ohio State was the best place for their future. Thank you God.. #COMMITTED pic.twitter.com/OU8WhMbRnU TreVeyon Henderson (@TreveyonH15) March 27, 2020 So now with Georgia missing on two of its top running back targets, it must turn elsewhere in the 2021 recruiting class. The plan is for Georgia to still try and take two running backs, given that Zamir White and James Cook are both draft-eligible after the 2020 season. But the Bulldogs and running backs coach Dell McGee still have a number of options they can turn to in the 2021 cycle. And the name at the top of the list at the moment is 4-star running back Donovan Edwards. Edwards is the No. 4 ranked running back in the country per the 247Sports Composite rankings and the No. 39 overall prospect. He comes from West Bloomfield, Mich., and listed at 5-foot-11 190 pounds. Georgia has landed a Michigan prospect before, as the Bulldogs pulled D'Wan Mathis away from the Buckeyes in the 2019 class. For a while, Ohio State was seen as a serious contender for Edwards' services but that is now no longer the case with the commitments of Henderson and Pryor. In addition to Georgia, the home state Wolverines and Notre Dame are seen as the top competitor for Edwards. 'It is more so like the vibe,' Edwards said on what he likes about Georgia. 'I like the vibe they give off with me. I like the people who are around there.' Related: Donovan Edwards: Priority 4-star RB already feels UGA probably' gets an official visit The other big out of state name to know right now is 4-star running back LJ Johnson. He is from Cypress, Texas and rated as the No. 5 running back in the country. Johnson also clocks in as the No. 51 overall prospect. Johnson has not yet visited Georgia but has still mentioned the Bulldogs as a top school, along with the likes of Texas A&M, LSU and Oklahoma. Georgia nearly pulled 5-star running back Zach Evans out of the Houston area in the 2020 class but that ultimately didn't end up happening. Until Johnson visits Georgia, it's tough to envision him in the class. There are also some 'local' options for Georgia should the Bulldogs miss out on some of the national choices. First, there is Cody Brown. He hails from Lilburn, Ga. and starred for Parkview High School this past season. Per MaxPreps, Brown ran for 1,676 yards and 20 touchdowns as a junior. He was named the Top Junior by the Touchdown Club of Atlanta as he led Parkview to an appearance in the semifinals in Georgia's highest classification. He's ranked as the No. 10 running back in the country and the highest in the state of Georgia. Related: QB Brock Vandagriff declares a 5-star prospect will be next in-state commit Brown, unlike Johnson, did take a visit to Georgia back in January. How do I look in the red and black? #GoDawgs pic.twitter.com/1NQpqBp7rE CB7 (@_codywbrown) January 21, 2020 A fourth name to know right now is Lovasea Carroll. He's originally from Warrenton, Ga., but he will be playing for national powerhouse IMG Academy this fall in Bradenton, Fla. Carroll is the No. 9 ranked running back in the country and had put out a top-5 five of Florida, Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina and Ohio State back in January. Now that the Buckeyes have two running back commits, it's probably safe to rule them out. Please Respect Top 5 @Hayesfawcett3 pic.twitter.com/Lq3z4luUt6 Lovasea Carroll (@LovaseaC) January 17, 2020 Ohio State was always likely to land multiple top-ranked running backs in the 2021 cycle given the lack of talent at the position on that roster. The Buckeyes also landed graduate transfer Trey Sermon from Oklahoma. He will have one season of eligibility. But as has been the case time and time again under McGee and Georgia coach Kirby Smart, the Bulldogs are probably going to land at least one elite running back as well. The Bulldogs have landed a top-10 nationally ranked running back in all but one class under Smart. And the one time they didn't, the Bulldogs signed Kenny McIntosh, who proved to be a useful player when called upon in 2019. There's still a long way to go in the 2021 recruiting cycle and COVID-19 will likely continue to disrupt many recruiting timelines. But history and Georgia's coaching staff have shown time and time again that running back isn't a position that anyone needs to fret about. More Georgia football stories from around DawgNation Head of the Class: Georgia QB Jamie Newman expected to excel quickly Why Dan Lanning and the Georgia football defense are really set up to succeed in 2020 Georgia football jumps 8 spots in USA Today preseason rankings Georgia football: What might the starting offensive line look like versus Virginia? Former Super Bowl MVP from UGA worried about Todd Gurley's knee WATCH: Todd Gurley, Scott Sinclair providing good Georgia football fans good vibes Georgia quarterback D'Wan Mathis continuing comeback home' in Athens, granted exemption Georgia football: What would have been the talk of spring practices by now? Bracket season: Discussing the top moment of each Georgia football season under Kirby Smart The post Where Georgia football turns to now at the running back spot in the 2021 class appeared first on DawgNation.