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Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

EDITOR'S NOTE: This original Trey Hill story continues a special series in partnership with Georgia Farm Bureau profiling homegrown talent from the state of Georgia. To access the other HomeGrown Talent articles please visit the series hub on DawgNation.com.

Trey Hill now snaps the ball to Jake Fromm at Georgia. That's the picture for 2019 after those two played together for two seasons at Houston County High School in Warner Robins.

What are the odds of that? The same high school program sending two players to Georgia is one thing, but what about the center and the quarterback?

Those are mighty long odds. DawgNation might not grasp that with every snap of the ball. But the man who coached them both during Fromm's senior year and Hill's junior year certainly does.


Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

When Von Lassiter looks at the TV now to check out Georgia, he can't help but smile.

"When I see Trey now I see him doing the things I always knew he could do," Lassiter said. "I see him on the right track to living the life he has always wanted to live. I'm thankful that I can look at one spot on that TV and see two kids that I am very very proud of."

Lassiter is humbled by that sight.

"It is just a blessing from God," he said. "It is a blessing from God that he would see fit to coach this game that I care a lot about and then for him to entrust me with watching over and trying to help out the careers of these players that I have had."

The real head-scratcher is there was only one time when Fromm lined up behind Hill in high school.

A homegrown story that says a lot about Trey Hill

The first time Lassiter ever laid eyes on Hill was at an Academy Sports in Warner Robins. It was just right around the time he was entering high school.

Hill had a Macon County T-shirt on at the time. but it wasn't long before he made the decision to move to Warner Robins and play for Lassiter at Houston County.

"The next time I saw him it was a year later and he was just at the front steps and I had gotten a call that he had just enrolled at Houston County High School," Lassiter said. "He was coming to live with his brother and his brother was going to take him in."

Lassiter, now leading the program at Bleckley County, knew he had a fixture for his offensive line from that moment on. Hill was already right at 6 feet, 3 inches and about 350 pounds even back then.

"Large human being and one of the biggest kids in our school when he walked in, Lassiter said. "We knew from that first day he wanted to be a great football player and had a desire and a passion about it and was in tune with what we were looking for."

He started for three seasons at Houston County. Mostly a tackle for the Bears while Fromm was there. Well, except for that one game.

That takes things down the road of one of the best stories we can share about Hill.

Remember those long odds about the quarterback and center of the nation's third-ranked team playing together at the same time?

They get even longer than going hunting with Fromm and him not choosing to sit in the best "hot spot" for the ideal line of fire for the birds.

Hill was only the center for Fromm for just one high school game. That was also his idea.

It came about because Houston County had to face powerful Lee County during Hill's junior year. Fromm was a senior at the time. It was one of the biggest high school games in Georgia that fall.

Kirby Smart even showed up on the sidelines for that one.

Lee County lined up imposing 5-star DT Aubrey Solomon at the time. Hill saw that, noted that and felt that he needed to do more that week to try to check Solomon.

The coaches had been thinking about it, but it was Hill who suggested it.

"The ultimate motivation to see how much a kid wants to get better and to test himself was when he picks up the phone and tell his coach I want to block the best player on the other team' and do it as a position he had not played the whole year," Lassiter said. "He was telling me then that he wanted to be better and that he was going good but that he could be even better and do more for us. He thought he could block him and he knew our team needed him to line up and block him."

Hill did his job that night. Solomon made a few plays, but he wasn't the reason why Lee County took down Houston County that night.

"Trey doesn't say a whole lot now," Lassiter said. "He doesn't talk a whole lot, too. But he is a business-type player when the lights come on and when it is time to go you want to be behind him. I saw that over and over again with Trey."


Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

Trey Hill: How he found his way to Georgia

The Hills tried out an organic method for choosing Georgia. There was a clear acceptance he was going to be just fine playing football where ever he wound up.

It meant a lot of the normal things like depth chart and recruiter relationships and power programs were lesser issues.

Georgia had some built-in strong ties. Hill's older brother, Derrick, played football for Valdosta State when Smart was there as a young assistant. Astrong foundation of trust was established during that time.

The Hill family went about talking to the coaches at Georgia. They spoke to the current players on each team about the program. It meant they did the same for schools like Alabama and Auburn, among others.

"They all said he would be taken care of at Georgia," his mother said on the day Trey chose Georgia. "But that was what I already knew from the time when Derrick was with Kirby at Valdosta State. He knew and we knew what kind of person and what kind of a man he was. We knew he would take care of Trey."

The Hills then went on to interview the parents of those players. Those guys on the team would say something nice. But what would their families think?

They took another step. That was scouting out the churches in the potential campus communities for Hill.

"Our family is made up of Christians," Lillie Hill said on the day Trey chose Georgia. "We believe the church to be the leaders and at the heart of every community. We believe if you put God first in everything you do, then everything else will fall into place."

She found a place like that in Athens.

"It was important to me because I wanted him to have a church home," she said. "Someone he could talk to if he was down and we were not around. A place that felt like family and Georgia was that place that felt like family all the way around."

Family is important to Hill. Trey has three brothers and two sisters and three adopted siblings. He's the baby out of all his biological siblings.

"In the end, I didn't think it was close at all between Georgia and all those other schools," she said back in December of 2017. "Georgia just felt like the spot for him to feel like he was with family."


Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

Another inroad in the recruiting of Trey Hill

Hill also knew former UGA All-American Roquan Smith. Those two even played together during Roquan's senior year and Trey's freshmen year before he moved to Houston County.

"He was like just go to the school that is best for you," Trey Hill said on his commitment day. "He wasn't forcing me or telling me to go to Georgia. All he said was Georgia is a great program and they will get you to where you want and need to be. I took that into consideration but that wasn't a big factor in my decision."

"In the end, I found other ways and I was just glad to be a Bulldog when I make my mind up."

Trey had a stuffed reb bulldog in his crib. He played with that plush toy until he was about two years old. He then began playing football at three years of age.

"I always knew he was my special kid," his mother Lillie Hill also said on the day he committed to Georgia. "I always knew. He was born with a special patch of white hair on his head. I always knew he was my special one. I just regard that as a sign that he is going to be something special."

So far, he's been up to the task.

Hill enrolled early in January of 2018. It gave him a jump on playing early during his true freshman season. He quickly flashed the skills that had him rated as the nation's No. 3 guard on the 247Sports Composite ratings for the 2018 cycle.

He played in every game last fall, including starting the last four at right guard. His biggest moment was when he was thrust into the game as the backup center. That was during a high-stakes on the road against a surging Kentucky team.

Hill stepped in for Lamont Gaillard that afternoon. It now serves as a precursor to his 2019 season. Gaillard had big shoes to fill. He wound up starting the final 42 games of his Georgia career.

While it may seem like the Georgia faithful is quick to pick the slightest of nits with the nation's No. 3 team, there is no outcry about a dropoff at that center spot.

That's a credit to Hill. He even had some advice for anyone else that becomes the big-time recruit.

"Don't believe the hype if it comes your way," Hill said back in December of. 2017. "That hype will work against you staying grounded. Stay grounded. Do what you do. Hype will get you mixed up from making the decision that should just be your decision at the end of the day."


Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

Homegrown: The next level for Trey Hill at UGA

Hill had a set of clear goals on the day he committed to Georgia.

"I look forward to coming in and working my tail off and starting as a freshman," he said. "Then I hope to keep spending three or four years at Georgia working my tail off and then going to the NFL. Those are my dreams as of right now."

"I've very excited about all of this. This is my next step forward."

Hill was weighing right at 360 pounds when he was at the U.S. Army All-American game in San Antonio. That was his last stop before becoming a Bulldog.

He knew that wasn't going to fulfill that freshmen year goal. He had a clear target set in front of him to reduce that weight down to approximately 330 pounds in order to have a chance to play as a freshman.

Hill did. And then he did.

Smart recently shared his thoughts on what it will take for Hill to keep better at Georgia. He wants all of his players to focus on that "do more" mantra for 2019, but especially big trench guys like Jordan Davis and Hill.

He wants those guys to strain their considerable natural gifts on every rep.

"It means when you strain on a play and you block a guy, I want you to do it longer and harder," Smart said this fall. "So if you do it for four seconds, I want you to do it for five, for six. If you do it for seven, I want you to do it for eight, for nine. I want you to do it until the echo of the whistle. That's harder and longer. That's for every player on the team, not just Trey Hill. Jake Fromm, I want him to strain harder and longer to make it perfect."

Hill has also worked to improve on his snaps.

"He still has high ones in practice," Smart said. "He has thousands of snaps out there. I don't think you can be thousand-for-a thousand. So I think he has to continue to improve on his snaps and the pace of the snaps. But (knocking on wood) he's done a good job so far. And going into the environment he did at Kentucky I thought he did an incredible job. But he continues to grow and get better. He's a guy, he'll tell you, he needs fire and motivation under him because it's come easy to him. He's very talented, he's athletic. But his brother will tell you, both his brothers will tell you, his father will tell you, he needs a fire lit under him to motivate him sometimes. Because he's athletic."

Hill has shown himself more than willing and able to deal with those fires. That goes back to that high school game against Lee County.


Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense

Georgia's Homegrown Talent: The DawgNation series

The post Homegrown: Trey Hill stands tall at the center of the Georgia offense appeared first on DawgNation.

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'I can't say enough about his ability to digest the game plan,' McVay said. 'I think it's just a real credit to our defensive coaches and then Jalen's ability ... to come in on short notice with such short practice time and do what he did. It was a good boost to our team, to be sure.' The Falcons (1-6) suffered their fifth straight loss. Ryan's right leg bent awkwardly as he was sacked by Aaron Donald in the fourth quarter, causing a fumble that Donald recovered. Ryan limped off the field and was escorted to the medical tent on the sideline. He walked to the locker room, still favoring the ankle, with 7:36 remaining in the game. Coach Dan Quinn said he did not know the severity of Ryan's injury. Ryan wore a walking boot in the locker room and was not made available for his usual postgame news conference. Donald was credited with a sack, forced fumble and recovery on the play. It was the Rams' fifth sack of Ryan, matching the five sacks by Atlanta's defense this season - none in the last four games. 'That amount of quarterback hits and sacks for sure was a real factor in this game,' Quinn said. Matt Schaub replaced Ryan and threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Austin Hooper with 2:36 remaining. The final insult for Atlanta came with only 11 seconds left, when Kenjon Barner fumbled a punt return when hit by Troy Reeder and Darious Williams recovered in the end zone for a touchdown. Ryan's injury was the latest and perhaps most damaging dose of bad news for the woeful Falcons. Quinn's job security appears shaky at best as he quickly runs out of time to avoid a second straight losing season. Quinn, who took on the added role of defensive coordinator following a 7-9 finish in 2018, revealed after the game that he began assigning some defensive play-calling duties to assistants in last week's loss at Arizona and continued to share that role on Sunday. 'I'm always looking to do anything that's best for the team,' Quinn said. 'My ego is never bigger than the team.' Quinn said he doesn't believe he has lost the team or the season. 'I never think you're out of the fight,' Quinn said. 'You shouldn't think that way as a team member and I certainly don't think that way as a coach.' Atlanta's frustrations showed in a third-quarter fight between running back Devonta Freeman and Donald that led to Freeman's ejection. The two locked up after Ryan's pass off Mohamed Sanu's hands was intercepted by Cory Littleton deep in Atlanta territory with the Rams leading 20-3. Freeman had his hands on Donald's facemask before throwing a punch at the much bigger defensive tackle, which appeared to make little if any contact. Umpire Terry Killens finally pulled Freeman away from Donald, taking Freeman to the ground in an apparent unintentional body slam before quickly helping Freeman to his feet. Each player drew unnecessary roughness penalties, and Freeman was tossed for throwing the punch. The turnover left the Rams at the Atlanta 16 for a short drive capped by Goff's 1-yard scoring run. With running back Ito Smith already out with an injury, Freeman's ejection left Brian Hill and return specialist Kenjon Barner as the options at running back. Goff completed 22 of 37 passes for 268 yards and two touchdowns. Blake Bortles took over on the Rams' final possession. Atlanta's offense struggled even before Freeman's exit and Ryan's injury. The Falcons were limited to 224 yards. As expected, Ramsey shadowed Falcons standout Julio Jones much of the game. Jones had six catches for 93 yards in his first matchup with Ramsey. Goff threw a perfectly placed 13-yard touchdown pass to Todd Gurley early in the second quarter. He added an 8-yard scoring pass to Gerald Everett in the third quarter. INJURY REPORT Smith was carted off the field late in the first quarter with head and neck injuries following a helmet-to-helmet hit from Rams linebacker Cory Littleton. There was no flag. Smith did not return. TRADE RUMORS Falcons defensive end Vic Beasley Jr. said he has heard reports he could be traded. 'I'm aware of it,' he said. 'I'm just going to continue to try to help this team win games as long as I'm here. If a trade does happen, I'll just take it as it is.' NEW-LOOK SECONDARY Ramsey moved into a revamped secondary. The Rams placed cornerback Aqib Talib and safety John Johnson on injured reserve this week and traded cornerback Marcus Peters to Baltimore. That left safety Eric Weddle as the only holdover starter. The new mix held up well. Ryan completed 16 of 27 passes for only 159 yards with an interception. DIRTY BIRD, RAMS STYLE Everett, an Atlanta native, celebrated by doing the 'Dirty Bird' dance made famous in the Falcons' 1998 Super Bowl season. UP NEXT The Rams will remain in Atlanta to practice at Georgia Tech for a few days before flying to London for next Sunday's game against Cincinnati. The Falcons will play the Seahawks in another home game next Sunday. Seattle leads the series 10-8, including two playoff games won by Atlanta. ___ More AP NFL: https://apnews.com/NFL and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL
  • Georgia picked up a 21-0 win over the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday night. But it was far from a ho-hum game, as the Georgia offense had plenty of people talking after the game. And very little of it was positive. Despite playing in a constant downpour many were upset with the offensive performance that saw Georgia attempt just 12 passes. Jake Fromm statistically had his worse performance as Georgia's quarterback, as he threw for just 35 yards and no touchdowns. Following a game against South Carolina where Georgia turned the ball over four times, many were fed up with the offense once again. And the scorn wasn't directed at just one entity. Playcalling, James Coley, the wide receivers and Kirby Smart all received heavy criticism for the offensive output. In the stadium, fans booed the Georgia offense. The reaction on social media was not much different. Georgia has national championship talent with a JV offensive game plan. Barrett Sallee (@BarrettSallee) October 19, 2019 Kirby Smart should've used his smarts kept Eason or Justin cause obviously they both better than Fromm I just don't get how u can watch players at practice and not see that Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) October 19, 2019 Me after watching UGA offense run down the middle for the 300000th time pic.twitter.com/4lkLmo7Yq4 Tori (@RiaBlaze) October 20, 2019 Live look at UGA's offense during the first half. pic.twitter.com/rVEHiJNBUU Adam Mims (@amims33) October 19, 2019 James Coley and Kirby Smart looked at a week's worth of film, articles and analytics that showed the obvious issues with their offense and have a giant middle finger to all of it. This is bordering on gross negligence. Graham Coffey (@ProfessorSEC) October 19, 2019 me yelling at coley and kirby through my tv #UKvsUGA pic.twitter.com/serSbjVnCm Ansley Weeks (@ansley_w01) October 19, 2019 Georgia & Kirby Smart are slowly becoming old #LSU/Les Miles Finding ways to play close games with much less talented teams and lose to much less talented programs Georgia's Offense looks outdated at times. Justin Fields didn't fit because Georgia wouldn't fit to him. Josh Lemoine (@LsuFBallTruth) October 19, 2019 Mark Richt has lost control of the UGA Offense. pic.twitter.com/D3dNmCwMeK John Powell (@PowellJohnT) October 20, 2019 Kirby Smart and Mark Stoops right now pic.twitter.com/qsagEUJWTt Ryan (@ryanmcc09) October 19, 2019 I will say the rain and wind was bound to get someone tonight, and it got Kentucky. That said, the offense did wake up in the second half regardless of not having to go far to score the first 2. That drive right there was an old-fashioned UGA knock you out drive. #GoDawgs #BeatUK UGA Supporters (@Support_UGA) October 20, 2019 The lone bright spot for the offense was D'Andre Swift. He finished the game with a season-high 179 rushing yards and scored twice for the Bulldogs. Swift is now leading the SEC in rushing, as he's got 752 rushing yards. Among running backs with at least 100 carries, Swift ranks third nationally in yards per attempt, as Swift is averaging 6.84 yards per carry. In his last two games against Kentucky, Swift has rushed for 335 yards and four touchdowns. TOUCHDOWN!!!! D'Andre Swift @DAndreSwift !!!! #GoDawgs pic.twitter.com/JS1PTlbZwp Hiro Katsuki (@KatsukiFB) October 20, 2019 No one in America will be more happy to see D'Andre Swift in the NFL than Mark Stoops. That dude was the biggest reason for UGA's two wins over UK the last two seasons. Turned two close games into blowouts in the blink of an eye. Adam Luckett (@AdamLuckettKSR) October 20, 2019 If Swift ain't the best Damn Good Dawg we got on the team. Dude literally runs hard every damn play, carries the offense, and plays his out for the 'G' Evil Glenn Schumann (@EvilMelTucker) October 20, 2019 Deandre Swift carrying the UGA offense by himself. pic.twitter.com/1ZlB5b6GW5 Fire Dan Quinn Stan Acct. (@KognacWithaK) October 20, 2019 DeAndre swifts back must hurt really bad from carrying georgia so much RJ Belflower57 (@RjBelflower) October 20, 2019 'He's a heart and soul leader. He's inspirational,' Smart said. 'The runs kind of get the fans involved. Swift gets the team involved by all the things he does and says. He cares. This team has a lot of character, a lot of grit and I love the way they play.' Related: Kentucky coach encourages D'Andre Swift to declare early for NFL Draft As good as Swift was, the Georgia defense also earned solid praise after shutting out the Wildcats. The Georgia defense has given up just 3 points in the second half of all four SEC games this year and has given up just a single second-half touchdown against Power Five opponents. Kentucky did not complete a pass until there was left then five minutes to play in the game. Georgia also forced a key turnover to set-up the offense's second scoring drive of the game. Post game conclusion: -Defense is ELITE -D'Andre Swift is THAT DUDE End of conclusion #GoDawgs UGA Spike Squad (@UGASPIKESQUAD) October 20, 2019 Regardless of how the rest of the season goes we should recognize that this is an all time UGA defense. Also keep giving it #7. He is good at football FreePulpwood (@FreePulpwood) October 20, 2019 Georgia's Defense- SEC Rank PPG: 10.6- 1st Total YPG: 266- 1st Rushing YPG: 85- 1st Passing YPG: 181- 2nd 3rd Down Conversion: 30%- 2nd 4th Down Conversion: 27%- 2nd Red Zone Conversion: 58%- 2nd Touchdown Conversion: 25%- 1st Sacks: 16- 9th TFL: 39- 10th Dawgsontop (@dawgsontop2017) October 20, 2019 UGA's defense is elite parker (@Parkerr404) October 20, 2019 Dawgnation: If you booed yesterday, shame on you. Hopefully you saw what the players said about it. Totally embarrassing. I'm moving on from it and the 21-0 shutout win over UK. On to Florida. I believe we WIN this game! Setting up very well for the Dawgs! #ATD #BeatFlorida NATEDAWG (@NateDawgUga) October 20, 2019 'They're resilient and physically tough. It was a ground-and-pound game and we knew it would be that way. Look, their offensive staff did a great job to take a kid who's not really a quarterback and try to make him into a quarterback. At the end of the day you have to defend him differently, so it created a lot of issues for us,' Smart said. 'They did a good job of managing their quarterback because it's tough on our guys and tough on theirs. Our guys continued to rise up in the red area, which has been big.' A number of players took to Twitter after the game and shared some of their thoughts on the game. One of the main takeaways from the offensive players was to stay, likely asking for patience after a tough performance against the Wildcats. Stay over there SWIFT7 (@DAndreSwift) October 20, 2019 Stay Isaiah Wilson (@_LayZay_) October 20, 2019 Stay right there. Cade Mays (@cade_mays) October 20, 2019 Keep chopping . JR Reed (@Jr_Reed1) October 20, 2019 I love this team with all my heart Isaiah Wilson (@_LayZay_) October 20, 2019 https://t.co/yWK4ZJa14i The Freak 7 (@dreamchaserTy10) October 20, 2019 This man @LilEasy_35 https://t.co/kX9PjMK4Xk Malik Herring (@HerringMalik) October 20, 2019 Georgia has the next week off, as the Bulldogs will have an extra week to prepare for the No. 7 Florida Gators. More Georgia football stories from around DawgNation Opinion: Kirby Smart says he didn't hear boos; that's not all he's ignored Georgia football moves up in Coaches Polls, stays in top 10 of AP Poll even after ugly win over Kentucky WATCH Georgia QB Jake Fromm: 21-0 win over Kentucky no beauty contest' Georgia football stock report: Defense locks down Kentucky 21-0 Georgia football game ball: D'Andre Swift carries Bulldogs to 21-0 win Cover 4 on Georgia football: What will this team's record look like after 12 games? Georgia football report card: Bulldogs pass Kentucky wet weather test WATCH: Kirby Smart proud Bulldogs able to chop wood' in win over Kentucky Kentucky coach encourages D'Andre Swift to declare early for NFL Draft The post Social media critical of Georgia offense as players take to Twitter to preach patience appeared first on DawgNation.
  • The last time Georgia celebrated a win this drenched in water, the fire hoses at Auburn were to blame for the wetness. However, Saturday night vs. Kentucky was the work of a higher power. If only the act of God that brought forth the downpour could also be summoned to restore the thunder and lightning to UGA's offense. Rain or shine, things are not currently great for the Bulldogs in that regard, and some fans are getting restless. There were some boos Saturday night when the Bulldogs went into halftime no better off than when the game started, tied at zero with lowly Kentucky. UGA coach Kirby Smart was asked postgame about fan frustrations, deftly dodging the question in the process. 'No effect for me, I've got headphones on,' Smart said when asked about the impact of the jeers. 'That's what they pay their money for, to give their opinion. They're entitled to that. I respect that.' It's probably wise for Smart to pretend not to notice the booing. However, some of the other things he seems content to ignore are potentially problematic. For instance, Smart's telling of Saturday's affair is that weather conditions prevented UGA from running any offensive sequence that didn't resemble a rugby scrum. 'There's not a lot you can do in those conditions,' Smart said. 'It's tough to throw the ball in those elements.' The stats certainly back up Smart's assessment. UGA quarterback Jake Fromm was just 9/12 for 35 yards. However, it seems fair to point out, Georgia isn't the first team to play in the rain, nor is it the only team that faced those conditions Saturday. Florida played at South Carolina earlier in the day in what was described as a ' driving rain.' Gators quarterback Kyle Trask still managed to complete 21 of his 33 passes for 200 yards and four touchdowns. Gamecocks quarterback Ryan Hilinski threw it plenty as well going 17/35 for 170 yards and a touchdown. Furthermore, Smart stepping to a podium to attempt to explain away a stymied UGA offense is becoming a bit of a troublesome trend. There was the weather on Saturday. However last week, we were told everything was fine with the offense despite losing to South Carolina and only scoring 17 points because there were four uncharacteristic turnovers. And when UGA got off to a slow start against Notre Dame? That was fine too because it was all about wearing down the Fighting Irish for the fourth quarter. All of this might be true, but it will be hard for some not to think Smart is stacking up reasons while his chief competitors for the national championship are stockpiling results. Oklahoma, LSU and Ohio State are averaging 50 points per game, and Alabama isn't far behind. UGA is tied for 24th at 36 points per game. The advanced stats paint a slightly rosier picture. Coming into the weekend, Bill Connelly's SP+ had UGA as the No. 12 offense and Football Outsiders' FEI ranked the Bulldogs offense 13th. That's not too bad, but it is a regression from last year when the Bulldogs finished third in both of those ratings systems. It's reasonable to assume, no matter what Smart says publicly, he's aware his offense in its current form isn't keeping pace with the nation's top teams, nor is it as effective as the units he's previously led at UGA. What remains a mystery is what he or offensive coordinator James Coley will do about it. The one thing that's certain is that Smart doesn't have any plans of consulting a suggestion box anytime soon. When asked about responding to the boos Saturday night, Smart said, 'Our job is to put our kids in the most successful situations. I don't think you make decisions on that.' Smart's comment seemingly echoes what former NFL coach Buddy Ryan supposedly told Bill Belichick when Belichick was coaching the Cleveland Browns. 'if you listen to the fans, you'll be sitting up there with them,' Ryan is credited with saying. Honestly, most of the booing fans are probably fine with being ignored at least for now. It was an instinctive reaction to a lousy stretch of a miserable night Between the Hedges. Their outburst doesn't mean they love their Dawgs any less, nor do they have any less affection for Smart. They just want to see him build an offense sturdy enough that it can't be washed away by the rain. The post Opinion: Kirby Smart says he didn't hear boos; that's not all he's ignored appeared first on DawgNation.