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Tony Grimes: “Guts” and helping others shape the nation’s No. 1 CB prospect

Tony Grimes: “Guts” and helping others shape the nation’s No. 1 CB prospect

Tony Grimes: “Guts” and helping others shape the nation’s No. 1 CB prospect

Tony Grimes: “Guts” and helping others shape the nation’s No. 1 CB prospect

Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That's what the Intel brings. This entry gives DawgNation a chance to get to know 5-star CB Tony Grimes for a lot more than what he can do on a football field.

There was this one memorable play Tony Grimes made at a football field.

It was not captured by the eye in the sky.It did not go viral. It will not appear on any highlight tape, but it had a lot to do with his field of vision.

That is because it just off to the side of the practice field.His father, Deon Glover, will beam with pride as he tells that story.

Grimes now makes the same move every Friday in-season during the pregame meal. He goes behind the practice field to make a friend. She will now feel like an old friend this season.

He went to go check on a woman. Glover and Grimes both believe she is homeless, but she seems to be a fan of their Princess Anne (Virginia Beach, Va.) team.

"She sits at the back of our football field and she always watches us practice," Tony Grimes said. "Since forever she has been watching us practice. So on game days, I brought her out a plate of food out one time. After that, she and I had a good conversation. Then before ever game, I will bring her some money and some food. Or just some food."

Glover never saw her before. Grimes did. He even thought to bring her a blanket.

"He just said he didn't know why," Glover said. "Just said that he sees her out there every day and that she was always watching us practice. Tony said his heart just went out to her and he just wanted to help her."

Grimes still doesn't know her name, but he has a nickname for her. She has a nickname for him, too.

"She calls me Guts' and I don't know why she calls me Guts' but she does," Grimes said. "I think because it takes guts to come out and give a homeless person food every single Friday."

It takes a plate of food to see Grimes with more depth that his status as the nation's No. 1 cornerback (247Sports Composite rating) for the 2021 cycle. He is establishing a history of reaching out to his community like that.

Grimes is already affiliated with a seasonal ministry in his community.

"It is called Provision for the Seasons," Glover said. "We go out every season and just do different stuff."

Grimes has a talent for locking down receivers. And also spotting folks that appear down on their luck.

"I can spot out a homeless person easily," he said. "I was just going around and finding people. It just warms my heart to see the homeless be grateful. Some homeless people don't care and then others are grateful. It is just so perfect to me when we get to do that."

Glover couldn't believe their first lap about their Virginia Beach community.

"We started driving around and Tony located every single person that was in need," Glover said. "I was like how does he know they need something but he just automatically knew."

They would pull up near the ocean front. Grimes would yell "who's hungry" and would just know by seeing those people every day. He'd want to make sure they got at least a cup of hot chocolate.

"That's because he was that dialed in," Glover said. "He noticed those people every day."

Grimes is also an excellent student with a 3.8 grade-point average. He will graduate early and enroll with his future team in January of 2021.

Truth be told, he is so far ahead in his coursework that he could have reclassified into the 2020 class.

"The reason why that is so important to me is that without football I would still want to go to college," he said. "I'd be looking for an academic scholarship. The reason grades are important to me is in college you still can't do anything in college with out grades. Still have to go to class. Still have to make a certain GPA to be on the team."


Tony Grimes: “Guts” and helping others shape the nation’s No. 1 CB prospect

Tony Grimes and UGA: The 180-degree visit

When the subject of Georgia came up at the Future 50, Grimes brought up a past history. The Bulldogs didn't offer as early as other programs did.

"I understand why they didn't throw the offer out early but you can't expect me to wash all these other colleges out when you came in the game late," he said on December 31. "But I still like what they are doing with the program and I respect them because Coach Glenn [Schumann] has been keeping up with me and some of the other coaches there have also been keeping up with me."

Glover will still kid Schumann about that to this day. Their relationship has reached the point where they can chide one another about that.

"It was rocky for Georgia at first," Glover said.

Schumann came to the school when Grimes was a freshman. The Georgia offer then came during his third recruiting cycle visit. The Bulldogs couldn't get a visit date set because Grimes wanted to see all the schools who had been recruiting him harder first.

There was some confusion about when Georgia offered him. Georgia defensive backs coach Charlton Warren would later let it be known that Grimes should have been offered when he first arrived in Athens.

When the topic comes up, Glover said he still puts Schumann "on blast" about everything.

"I pulled coach Schumann to the side and kidded that we were going to have to duke it out," Glover said while laughing. "That's my guy, though. Coach Schu' is my guy. He is good people. He is really good people."

Grimes echoed that at the Future 50. Georgia had to have a strong visit to stay in the race for the nation's No. 6 overall prospect for this cycle.

"So I am going to give them a chance," he said prior to a mid-January trip. "But if I go down there and don't feel like it is home or I don't feel good about it or I don't bond with the coaches then I am not going to go there."

The Bulldogs were going to have a hard time keeping up with Clemson, Penn State and Texas A&M.Those schools had already locked up official visits.

Georgia now has, too.


Tony Grimes: “Guts” and helping others shape the nation’s No. 1 CB prospect

Consider this passage to be the before/after picture when it comes to what the Georgia staff does very well when hosting a priority recruit.

"I'm glad I took that visit," Grimes said. "That visit was amazing. That visit was so good that I added them to one of my official visits."

Clemson, Georgia, Penn State and Texas A&M have those OV slots.

For now.

"Anything can happen as of right now," he said.

Those dates are undetermined. But he does know that he wants to commit on December 1, 2020.

"I am not going to lie I was just on Instagram and then that date just popped into my head," Grimes said of the genesis of that specific date.

Grimes said that Smart and Warren endorse his film. They see him as a Dawg.

"They tell me that if I come in and put in the work that I am supposed to and I get that playbook down then I am going to be on that field for them," he said. "For sure"

He wants to play around other great players That's why both he visited Georgia in tandem with elite 2021 cornerback Isaiah Johnson.But he will also redline the confidence that elite defensive backs must have these days.

"I'm going to be different from every other DB' I play with regardless," he said. "Because I am going to be the man. I am going to be that dude. When I step on that field on that defense they are all going to know who Tony Grimes is. They are going to know that Tony Grimes is different."

Grimes is passionate about his game. If he gives up a single catch in a game or a 7-on-7 tournament, well then that just wasn't his best day.

His aim will be to set the tone.

"The team leader, the swag, the hype and all of that," he said. "Combined into one. It is going to be different because I am from the 757 [area code] and when you are from the 757, we breed different."

Former Virginia safety Quin Blanding inspires him, along with a long line of great football players from the 757. Those names will include Dre' Bly, Plaxico Burress, Kam Chancellor, DeAngelo Hall, Percy Harvin, Bruce Smith, Lawrence Taylor and Michael Vick, among countless others.

Grimes plays both ways for his high school team. It is a magnet school where there are probably only about 15 players who would be considered as a quality varsity player. There are maybe 10-12 who have any sort of college potential.

Receiver clips are all over his junior film.

Tony Grimes: A little more depth on Georgia

That previous passage is a good measure of Grimes. While that food plate and community outreach stuff shows off a very mature side, he's still a teenager.

Young men are creatures of their expanding minds and options. Grimes is an impulse surfer who still lets Instagram thoughts steer a commitment date.

He will view his No. 1 as just the "cleanest" number out there.He sounds just like a high school kid should at times. But also flashes growth and maturity in other moments.

"I always thought No. 1 was like the goat number," he said. "All the real ones wear number one. So when I went to high school I wanted to wear No. 1 and got No. 1. I wore it throughout the season and all my years in high school. If they would have had a number zero, I would have most definitely gotten the number zero."

How did Georgia stand out on that difference making visit? Grimes used the term "greatests" to describe it.

"It was different when I talked to coach [Charlton] Warren and coach Kirby Smart," he said. "Those two right there are the greatest in the game right now. One of the greatests in the game right now."

He shared a recipe at the Future 50. It detailed all the checkmarks the school that signs him have to earn his commitment and signature.

It was:

  • Great personal relationship with a coaching staff
  • Does it feel like home?
  • Stability in the coaching staff
  • Can they develop him for the next level?
  • Does the strength and conditioning coach develop their players for the NFL?
  • What success has the school had in developing players at his position?
  • What is the value of the degree and the education at that school?

It seems fitting to compare that formula to how he feels about Georgia at this time.

"Just the coaching staff," he said. "Coach [Charlton] Warren and coach Kirby Smart. That's the one main thing that I like. When I think of Georgia, it is coach Kirby Smart and coach Warren. The two best, well two of the best DB coaches, in the college game right now."

How does he feel about the development of DBs at Georgia?

"They are doing really well," Grimes said. "They are trying to build that thing into a real DBU' and they are trying to make that secondary unbelievable and I love that they are doing that. Because honestly the DBs' win games. To me, the DBs win the games."

Glover noticed something immediately about UGA. He started by calling it a rare "charisma."It blew him away from the jump.

"It is an ability to connect and I'm telling you every coach does not have it," Glover said. "But the elite coaches do. I don't even think it is a skill. It is just the person you are. That Mack Brown-type of thing and with coach Smart I swear it oozes out of him. It oozes out of his staff. That was the thing that popped for us. We weren't expecting that at all from Georgia."

He summed up the magnitude of that visit quite clearly.

"Georgia wasn't even one of his top 13 schools," Glover said. "After one visit and after mingling with the coaching staff for one visit, they have got an official visit set up."

Glover mentioned two vivid things he likes the most about Georgia. The first is that he interprets that Smart is not going anywhere. That speaks to that stability they are looking for.

"I also believe the quality [of the character] of the recruit you bring into the program is super important to the future success of the program," Glover said.

Tony Grimes: A unique family story at work

Deon Glover is his father. Grimes refers to him as his "Dad" often. They visit together and he is wound tightly in his life. Glover also coaches his son along with all the other defensive backs at Princess Anne in Virginia.

DawgNation was told his biological father is not in the picture and he is currently incarcerated. But it was also made clear this situation is certainly on very amenable terms.

"I want you to know one thing about [his] natural Dad," Glover said. "Even though he has experienced some unfortunate things and has never been around. He is 100 percent in approval of me as being the Dad of his sons. .. The things I have done. How I father."

Glover married his mother over a decade ago. He has been in Tony's life for almost a decade, but Grimes came to him with a request when he was in the seventh grade.

His mother, Nickey Glover, describes it best. Glover has been there for all of her children, including Tony's twin brother. Tino Grimes is also a high school wrestler.

"Deon has been a father figure in their lives since I think about the second grade," she said. "Since he has been in Tony's life and Tino's lives as a father figure, he has wanted him to be his father and to take on his last name."

Those two will describe themselves as tough parents. They are hard and real with all of their children because they understand what it means to grow up in America in the year 2020. Truth be told, Glover said that their mother is the "hammer" parent. He's the lightweight when it comes to that.

The plan is for Grimes to change his name to Tony Grimes-Glover when the right time comes. It is not the exact story, but it brings to mind what it is in the works with 2020 Georgia signee Sedrick Van Pran-Granger.

"His natural Dad is 100 percent in approval of that," Glover said. "Even down to the name change. He is on board with it all."

At first, Grimes said that when Glover came into his life that it was about making his mother happy. He just wanted to see his Mom happy.


Tony Grimes: “Guts” and helping others shape the nation’s No. 1 CB prospect

There's another wrinkle here. Glover is also an author. He published the book "Turning the Hearts of Fathers Back to Their Children" in 2007. The work, which calls to mind Malachi 4:6, is available on Amazon.

The item description details Glover as a minister, an executive director of a non-profit, inner city youth counselor and a panel member of a weekly radio talk show .

"He did what a father figure does," Grimes said. "So that's why he's my father. He came in and took care of me and my brother and he made it happen for us."

With a resume like that, what has Glover meant to Grimes?

"Everything," Grimes said. "Everything I can imagine of. He has helped me grow up to be a better man."

That's a father-son and player-coach relationship at work here.

"I will say being the DB," Grimes said when asked if it is harder being the son or the player in their relationship. "He pushes me like no one else has. Every when I've get those days like Yo' because to me I'm self-motivated. But when I mess up on a play, but I will be Ok next play' but sometimes I think like I need to go ask him what I did wrong and he tells me and gives it to me straight."

"He is not going to sugar coat or anything like that."

The example set has instilled the need to go further. He told Glover that he wanted to enroll in summer school on his own. He wanted to go ahead and finish up his requirements in English early after the 10th grade.

When Princess Anne hired a new coach before last season, he was in on the interview process. That's a pretty telling feat for a rising high school junior.

Grimes, the youngest of four brothers, has that same mature outlook on what football can bring to his life. The future business major has a specific plan.

It certainly sounds like he wants to keep extending a hand.

"Coaching or helping other players get better going into their development and their strength and conditioning," he said. "Something most definitely back in my hometown. Build something up for all the athletes that would be able to relate to me coming up from the same place. Not just work out but talk to them. Motivational speeches."

He also aspires to hand out more food plates.

"I am going to open up a program that is like a homeless shelter. It is going to be a huge homeless shelter. Somewhere they can get back on their feet type of thing."

The post Tony Grimes: "Guts" and helping others shape the nation's No. 1 CB prospect appeared first on DawgNation.

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  • Want to attack every day with the latest UGA football recruiting info? That's what the Intel brings. This entry is about all things CJ Washington in the 2022recruiting cycle. He's certainly a name to keep tabs on. CJ Washington plays for Cedartown High School in Northwest Georgia. He wears No. 27 for those Bulldogs. Yes, that No. 27 for Cedartown. If that doesn't bring to mind enough of a parallel, let's make that a direct link. Washington will work out frequently with Nick Chubb, including two times today. He collected 20-plus sacks during his sophomore year for Cedartown. Made a few All-State teams. The 6-foot-2, 218-pound Washington is electric off the edge and is the definition of a physical football player. His lifts are what somebody who works out with Nick Chubb better be able to do. Washington bench presses 340 pounds, does some rep maxes with 295 for power cleans and is already squatting 515-plus pounds. His power clean max is at 330 pounds. ( NEWS FLASH: This is a high school sophomore.) When recruiting analysts size him up, it is a fitting comparison to liken him to former No. 1 overall recruit Nolan Smith. He's got that kind of explosion coming off the edge. TBT Tuesday (Rockmart v Cedartown) 4 '22 Cedartown DE CJ Washington @cedric_washing4 pic.twitter.com/fO7kbcZCrW NwGa Football (@NwGaFootball) December 10, 2019 Chubb? Smith? Those are some big names to think about there. There's another one that comes to mind for me. That one would be Fred G. Sanford from the cult classic 'Sanford and Son' television show from back in the day. Why? Because that's the visual for me with Washington. 'That's my dream school,' he said about UGA back in December of 2019. 'Every time I go there it is like wow' and whoa' and they make me feel so welcome. They are just cool people you just try to be around. It just feels comfortable.' When DawgNation asked what it would be like if the Bulldogs ever offered him, it was like he busted out his best Redd Foxx impression. 'I don't know about that one,' Washington said. 'I don't even know how to explain that. I just know I will be very thankful for that offer.' His response there came when he just held offers from Albany State, Coastal Carolina and Nebraska. But he managed not to mention 'Elisabeth' or coming to join anyone. But the young fella did look like he was having palpations. He put one hand to the side of his face and started smiling. That picture even included a long exhale and taking a few deep breaths. The first time he visited Georgia he admits he was nervous. It was before he was ever offered by UGA, but the staff kept talking to him. 'I started opening up and then I just caught that bond with them,' Washington said. 'That was really coach Dell McGee. The running back coach.' He rates as a 4-star ATH and the nation's No. 88 overall recruit for 2020 on the 247Sports Composite ratings. Washington even landed that long-sought offer from Georgia late last year. So blessed to receive an offer from UGA!! #GoDawgs @Mansell247 @KirbySmartUGA @jeffsentell @DellMcGee @CoachSchuUGA pic.twitter.com/HR3Iq0rQJH Cedric Washington (@cedric_washing4) December 23, 2019 What was that late? 'Really breathtaking,' he said. 'I was like shocked. I really never knew that I could get a Georgia offer. But I was telling myself that even if I got a Georgia offer that wasn't going to stop me one bit from working and grinding and working to what I am trying to become.' 'So really I am thankful to have all my offers. But to me, once I get focused more on colleges I'll start really looking to see where I'm going to really go.' Did you know the weekly DawgNation.com 'Before the Hedges' program is now available as an Apple podcast? Click to check it out and download. Offered by UGA: What has that been like for CJ Washington? His last UGA visit came back back in late February. When he made that trip, he did so with an offer. That was a first. So was getting the chance to put on the red and black jersey for the first time. 'They basically have got what I need,' he said of UGA. 'That's what I am basically saying.' He's no longer two cycles away while the 2020 recruiting period is going on. He felt more 'love'on that last visit. 'They are cool and funny up there at Georgia,' Washington said. 'Those coaches are cool.' He had to cook hamburgers as part of a kitchen challenge. That did not go well. But he was able to learn how the Bulldogs view his skill set at this time. 'They were telling me how they look at me as not even a one-spot player,' he said. 'They see me playing all around for them.' 'They see I can do middle, outside linebacker and possibly play running back. They were also talking about the school and once they got into the school stuff I really started listening.' 'The way they were describing it is everyone learns differently. Basically. They were telling us that all players learn differently. Once you get there and open up to Georgia, you go to the academic counselors and you tell them how you learn things and study. Then they help identify the way you learn and show you the way you learn and the best way they are going to be able to help you from an academic support standpoint.' Georgia showed Washington how the program can make him a better student on that visit, too. It was encouraging. Washington has been taking his early college visits looking for spots that will support him academically during the football season. That's when his time is divided. He has been an 'As and Bs' student so far as a sophomore.Washington intends to keep it that way. 'When I go to other places, the schools weren't talking about that,' he said. 'If I went to Georgia with the way I told them the way that I learn things, I think that is a better environment on me. It will help me get my work done in the most efficient and best manner possible. It will show me how I can do more from an academic standpoint as a college student at Georgia.' The Georgia staff also brought up the word 'entitlement' with him. The coaches say they are seeing more and more guys enter the college level thinking they are owed something. That's never been what Washington is all about.He's a worker. He's got a coach that he treasures who stays on him. 'He always tells me Head down. Don't talk. Just grind.'' Washington is working out multiple times per day right now during the COVID-19 health concerns. That's just his mindset. 'I just play football because I love it,' he said. 'I play it for my brothers. I'm not focused on what I need to get or what I have to get or focused on any one position. I just want to play and help out my team. Anywhere the team needs me, that's where I will play.' He does feel that way about Georgia right now. 'To make it simple, Georgia is basically my second home,' he said. 'My first home is Cedartown High School. Georgia feels like home. That's where I have been mostly. So of course, it is going to feel like home. So I am going to feel like I am going to feel like I fit in more right now.' Coach speak: An honest assessment about Washington Chris Hirschfield is the offensive coordinator at Walton High School. He's been able to coach elite talents like Dominick Blaylock, Kerryon Johnson and Jordan Matthews along his varsity career up to this point. Those are just the names most of DawgNation will know. Hirschfield has coached at programs in Alabama and Georgia that have continually sent players to the SEC. He served as the coach on Washington's team at the 'Georgia Elite Classic' All-Star event last December. He had the chance to work with Washington for a few days. A fella who has seen two current NFL starters every day as a high school coach surely won't impress easily. Washington played at H-Back, defensive end and outside linebacker for the winning team in that showcase. 'When we had him out wide at d-end, we stood him up and put him an extra yard out wide basically as an outside backer,' Hirschfield said. 'Basically nobody could block him coming off a speed rush.' His roster didn't have any H-Back or fullback types on the other side of the ball. 'He obviously fit the part there, too,' he said. 'We taught him four plays literally. Power. Counter. Literally four or five plays in practice. I've never seen anybody collision and hit the way that kid does. His explosiveness might be the best I have ever seen.' 'Absolutely explosive. Full speed and does not shy away from contact and he's so powerful. He doesn't just hit. He drives people backwards.' Check out a few clips of Cedartown sophomore OLB CJ Washington in action tonight at the @GAEliteClassic at McEachern. @cedric_washing4 played on both sides of the ball in a night fit for a Gore-Tex photo shoot. pic.twitter.com/HXtNKu1l0i Jeff Sentell (@jeffsentell) December 23, 2019 They gave him maybe four or five reps in practice at those positions. Those reps had to come after the defensive period.Washington had it from that point on. Hirschfield even handed him the ball a few times in the game, too. 'He's special,' he said. 'I didn't even teach him the name of all the plays I would just tell him Right Strong' or Left Strong' as far as his alignment and I gave him three words. Counter. Down call which is our power. He'd kick out the play-side defensive end. Or Insert. He then knew to insert there and get that middle backer. He was really really good at it.' That was his part-time job. His main duty was flying off the edge. 'He couldn't be blocked,' Hirschfield said. 'He's special. Absolutely special.' That goes for on and off the field. 'Great kid, too,' he said. 'I talked to him outside of practice and the game. Polite. Spoke to him at the bowling alley event. Extremely humble. Very well-spoken young man. Very gracious. Just a very very nice kid.' Matthews was a receiver. So was Blaylock. Johnson was one of the best running backs in college football at Auburn back in 2017. Those are all different types of players. 'Those were all offensive playmakers and we are talking about a defensive playmaker here,' Hirschfield said. 'But he's just so versatile. So much athleticism. He's got wide shoulders. His frame. He's long. He is going to carry weight and he has no fat on him.' 'He's definitely going to be a defensive player in college.' Washington showed physicality as an H-Back at that event. It was enough to convince Hirschfield that he could be an inside linebacker in college, too. 'The way he closes space down as a blocker I see that and think about a middle linebacker and filling a gap so quickly the other way around,' he said. 'I do think he can be that type of impact player there, too.' It makes sense. Especially as an ILB in a 3-4 front. Washington could be pretty impressive at either LB spot at that next level. That Nick Chubb connection with CJ Washington Washington has worked out with Chubb dozens of times now. 'It is really no big deal,' Washington said. 'He's just a regular person.' That's kind of how he comes across. Washington was immune to the fact he's lifting with an NFL Pro Bowler. But it hasn't even sunk in that he works out every day with a world class athlete like Chubb. Chubb is one of the few humans on this earth that can run a 4.5 laser 40, power clean 400 pounds and squat well over 550 pounds, too. That's just his off-season workout buddy. He tried on Chubb's No. 27 jersey at UGA. He knows if he wears that number, he will have to work. 'I want that push,' Washington said. 'I want to push myself to try to find a way to be even better than him. That's a lot. That's a whole lot, but that's the way I work.' Chubb does not tell Washington he is strong for his age. Or any age. Or as strong as he was when he was a sophomore in high school.The Georgia all-time great won't give him that. 'He will pick on me,' Washington said. It should surprise no one that Chubb doesn't bring up Georgia with Washington. They just lift and work. Those two now work out every day of the week except for the weekends after the season. They are also joined by a few other current and former Cedartown Bulldogs, including 2020 Clemson RB signee Kobe Pryor. 'Things happen but no matter how hard it gets. You have to push through it'330 @Mansell247 @ChadSimmons_ pic.twitter.com/NXan6h3ATA Cedric Washington (@cedric_washing4) August 1, 2019 I don't complain no more, Gotta suck it up and get right to work!! Coach told me 'what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger'.That's 500 . I'm not done get pic.twitter.com/q2f0DszWzg Cedric Washington (@cedric_washing4) July 31, 2019 Check out the 2019 highlight reel here. There are a lot of memorable moments. CJ Washington: The next steps in his recruiting journey Washington sounds like Chubb in a lot of ways. There are clear connections here to Georgia, but feels like he now needs to see other schools. Florida is an option. 'I'll be honest with you,' he said. 'I've been having my eye on Georgia. Honestly. The way things look I am still going to be open minded. Just to see how other colleges are. I've been thinking about making my decision the summer of my junior year. The junior summer. If I decide to so somewhere sooner, then I guess it is going to be then but I am really waiting until my junior summer.' To be clear, that will most likely be the summer prior to his senior year. It will allow more schools to see him play multiple positions. It will also allow him to see more schools. 'Georgia is my dream school and they are showing me love,' he said. 'That's great and all. But I think my recruiting is getting to the point where I open up to new places. Georgia is not getting old to me. But Florida came in. Now I want to at least see how Florida is and those other colleges. I want to see how other colleges are now.' He's been researching Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Ole Miss, Ohio State, Virginia Tech and West Virginia online on his own. Washington will look at their academics and the campus layout. He will kick the tires on potential college majors. Dan Lanning and Glenn Schumann now talk to him about both linebacker spots at Georgia. They now recruit him, along with McGee. What is Washington looking for in a future school? 'Brotherhood.' 'Relentless work. A school that is always working hard every day no matter what.' 'Everybody holding each other accountable of pushing each other to do more than they ever thought they could do.' He's used this COVID-19 break to become a master at mowing his Grandmother's lawn. 'Getting really good at my lawn mowing game,' he said. 'Getting really good on that grass.' It has also led him to help his mother out in the kitchen. He's been busy at that the last few days. 'I can go crazy on meatloaf,' he said. Washington is certainly a name to pay attention to in the 2022 class. The post CJ Washington: The 2022 prospect who brings to mind Nick Chubb, Nolan Smith and Fred G. Sanford appeared first on DawgNation.